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Our tests show that connecting AdProfex blocks throughout your site can increase your monetization profits by 10%

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AdProfex for Publishers

  • High-quality advertising

  • Convenient withdrawal methods

  • Technical support seven days a week

  • Wide selection of high-yield templates

  • Bypass of the automatic Adblock system

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Ad Units Constructor

  • Carry out A/B tests in a few clicks
  • More than 20 ready-made adaptive templates
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Detailed Analytics

Analyze income by a variety of parameters:

  • Websites
  • Ad units
  • Devices
  • Countries
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VIP Support

Live support and allocation of VIP-accompaniment for the websites with more than 500k unique users per month

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Ad Placement Control

  • Careful moderation of all the advertising that will be displayed on the website

  • Ability to disable topics you do not like

  • Self-learning auction technology (we select the most profitable advertising for your website)

  • Brand protection against fraud and unnecessary content

  • Fine-tuning design setting